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  • 65g chicken per portion if as a starter, more as a main course
  • 1 orange, in segments (keep the zest)
  • 2 chicory heads, leaves separated
  • 20g walnuts, toasted
  • 40g blue cheese
  • A few radishes, quartered
  • 25g breadcrumbs
  • 15g fresh peas
  • chilli flakes, salt, garlic clove (grated), orange zest, parsley, black pepper
  • 5tbsp olive oil
  • 4tsp good balsamic vinegar
  • 1tbsp wholegrain mustard
  • 1tbsp honey

Fresh and zesty salad crunch loaded with vitamin C


Make the breadcrumbs by toasting them in a dry frying pan for a few minutes then adding the chilli, salt, garlic, orange zest, chopped parsley and the pepper. Mix well and set aside to cool.

Mix the oil, balsamic, mustard and honey to and whisk together quickly to make a good emulsion.

Cook the chicken and just at the end add the peas. Leave to cool a little, you don’t want the leaves to wilt.

Put the chicory on the plate then toss the chicken and peas with the orange, radish, nuts and cheese and serve scattered with the breadcrumb mixture and a good drizzle of the dressing.

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