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See how we control every step from the farm to your table

One of the reasons we're able to provide the highest quality food and services is our integrated control across the entire value chain. We are completely hands-on the whole journey – from sourcing and selecting the grain we feed our chickens, right through to building relationships with our partners in their own businesses around the world. And of course, we have very strict guidelines on safety, which all of our production partners must meet. We respect every link in the value chain and pay a lot of attention to the tiniest details because, ultimately, we are responsible for the food people put on their tables and the positive response of your customers. Read about how we control every step of the process, from the farm to your table.



4000+ certified rural suppliers

We place demands upon our suppliers that they meet the highest standards to guarantee the quality of the grain that we feed our animals. Our suppliers must adhere to quality assurance clauses in their agreements with us, ensuring traceable production down to the level of care and agricultural practices. Special care is also taken in our dedicated animal feed factories, where we take great care in producing the food that supplies our chicken farms and our integrated producers as well.

Chicken farms


Without cages

We have 16,000 integrated producers all over the world that follow our guidelines and must meet all requirements for safety, quality, environment, animal welfare and human rights. The chickens on our farms should be able to exhibit their natural behaviour and be free from hunger, thirst, stress and illness. Our farms and hatcheries follow the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Our chickens are fed only grain, vitamins and minerals.

Processing quality meat


100% free of hormones and antibiotics

We do care about the stress-free transportation of living animals. Our 48 production plants follow strict hygienic and animal welfare rules. After a humane slaughtering process, the meat is then processed in our plants. Moreover, we maintain a strong partnership with the World Animal Protection organization for improving practices in our supply and production chain as well. In recent years, we have renewed our product portfolio, distribution and the presence of our brands in relevant markets such as Europe.



Your partner, locally and globally

We operate 40 Distribution Centres as well as over 1,200 logistics partners that transport products from plants to customers or export centres. Our tightly-controlled production line and state-of-the-art frozen technology can guarantee the quality of our products all over the world.

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