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At BRF, we believe that our success is contingent upon the satisfaction of our clients. Partnering with BRF Foodservice offers the opportunity for your business to grow and profit in a sustainable manner. We support you with up-to-date information on new products with innovative recipe ideas from our chefs, and based on your preferences we can offer you tailor-made solutions. Of course we rely on the feedback of you, our partners, to be able to do this.

Your business is our business

It's one thing to put food on tables, but what people really crave is experience. That's where you come in, and we're here to help. Our partner platform is a one-stop-shop for tapping into global food trends, finding recipes and inspiration for new dishes, and building the customer experience through marketing programmes and promotional materials to keep your customers engaged and excited by what your kitchen is doing.

Bringing your menu to life

Together we can create tailor-made solutions for your signature menu creation. Through our dedicated foodservice platform, you'll be able to download components you can use to make your own customized menus, point of sale and promotional material. The idea is to bring the food alive, telling the stories visually and evoking the feelgood emotions that only food can bring. The steps which follow comprise the process of becoming one of our professional business partners.

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Grilled, roasted, coated or raw natural?

First check our full product range and find the best for your customers!

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Find your
local distributor

First check our full product range and find the best for your customers!

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Business materials
and tailor-made offers

Your local distributor will provide you with useful business materials to get familiar with the possibilities. We can give solutions that are tailor-made to your business needs and to your customer preferencies – cultural background, availability of halal meat, nutritional values, etc.

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& requirements

Your local distributor will discuss your delivery requirements to give you the most effective solution that covers the range of products, the delivery days, special needs.

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Become our
business partner

By placing your first order or just simply registering here you become our professional business partner and are eligible to get support to your business: tailor-made solutions, new and innovative recipe inspirations by our quality chefs.

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We are happy
to hear from you

We appreciate your opinion! You always have the opportunity to contact and evaluate us continuously in order to generate improvement in our service for the benefit of both of us. Thank you for your feedback!

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