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For the love of food

Food is one of life's greatest pleasures. When it's approached with technical skill and creative imagination, it's so much more than simple sustenance. In the right hands, elemental ingredients come together to become something extraordinary. This is the craft of the chef, and the very heart of the Sadia brand. Our own chefs live and breathe food innovation, drawing on the most exciting developments in global trends to create ingredients for you to serve with your own creative twist. With Sadia in the kitchen, you're working with exceptional foods made to the highest standards of quality and animal welfare. Quick and easy to prepare, every Sadia product is made from best-quality ingredients. They're designed for you to make them your own, giving you the foundation of a fantastic food experience your customers will remember.

Quality meat products
Innovative products with various flavours
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Highest standards of quality
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Animal welfare part of our culture
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Quick and easy to prepare
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Finely selected ingredients to guarantee the best final product
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Wide range of products
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Solutions on healthy assortment (Clean Label)

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